North Dakota-based EPIC Companies Launches Vision REIT by EPIC: Investment Opportunities Now Available in Multiple North Dakota and Upper Midwest Real Estate Developments

Vision REIT aims to provide investors the opportunity to earn steady income with tax advantages through a real estate investment trust. Vision REIT properties will be managed by EPIC’s experienced management team with a proven track record in real estate. Vision REIT is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors, each of whom bring significant expertise and experience in real estate investment.

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EPIC Companies Unveils Vision REIT for Accredited Investors in North Dakota and Upper Midwest

EPIC Companies has officially launched Vision REIT, a groundbreaking Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), aimed at offering accredited investors unique opportunities in real estate development across North Dakota and the Upper Midwest. This strategic move is set to bolster investment in the region, providing a platform for steady income and tax advantages through professionally managed real estate ventures.

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